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Pickled Okra

Okra 9-1-11

The okra continues to share it’s seed pods for our consumpution. 

   Sometimes I only get enough okra for a couple of jars; so here is a scaled down recipe.  For pickled okra I only use small pods since they are more tender than the larger ones; those I slice and save for fried okra. (The photo above shows large pods on the left and small pods on the right.) 
   A little tip for ya:  I’ve found that if I make too much vinegar mixture I can just place it in jar and  keep in the fridge for a couple of days till I need it. 
    This is also the same recipe I use to dill pickle cucumbers, and other vegetables.  Simple and somewhat quick to do. :O)


2 c. apple cider vinegar
1/2 c. water
1/2 or 1 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. dill seed
1 large clove garlic cut in half or two small
Enough okra to fill 2 pint jars

Heat the vinegar and water in a enamel pot; add the salt and dissolve completely.
In the jars: add dill seed, 1 piece of garlic and then okra.  Top this off with one garlic clove.  Fill jars with the hot liquid.   Place warmed lid on jar and then ring and tighten.  Place in boiling water bath for 15 minutes.  Remove and sit aside to cool.


Canning experiments

Did I mention I love to Can?

Pickled Cherry Radishes

These are Pickled Radishes.  I know, never heard of this.  Well I haven’t either, but who cares.  I love to Can.  My Dad planted a 50 foot row of cherry radishes all in a big wad of plants.  We could never eat all of these so I decided to play with them.   These were Canned in white vinegar and a 1/2 tsp of salt.  I think they’re pretty to look at, but it’s odd how the red came off the radishes and dyed the juice.   I am thinking about dilling some.  Why not?

Here’s a picture of yesterdays pickin’s from the garden.

Cucumbers, Sweet Banana Peppers,  Zucchini, and Yellow Squash

I also dug up about a dozen purple onions and hung them up to dry on the back porch.  There were a few small onions so I used them to Can a mixture of cucumbers, zucchini, sweet banana peppers.  I dilled this mixture with apple cider vinegar, salt, garlic, and dill stems.  Made 2 qts. and 1 quart of dill pickles.

Today I’ll be slicing the yellow squash to freeze for future fried squash.  YUM!
Tonight we plan on digging up the rest of the onions.  The days are so hot.  I prefer to go out after 7pm to do anything in the garden.


Blessed with rain

Yesterday afternoon the rain started and lasted only about an hour; though it did give the garden a good drink.  Woke up this morning to more rain; not sure how long it rained.  So glad it rained, it’s not rained since late May.

I was lazy yesterday and didn’t can the last of the cabbage till this morning.  I got 4 quarts this time.  I noticed that the first 5 qts. of boiled cabbage I canned looked, to me, a bit over cooked.  This time I didn’t steam it as long in the pan and cut the pressure cooking time down to 45 minutes instead of 55 minutes.  The look of the cabbage in the jars have a marked difference.  The first was slighly dark and this batch is greener.  I may have to cook it some when I open up a jar to use, but I’d rather do that than have mushy cabbage.  Here’s hoping the first five are NOT mushy.
Here’s a picture for comparison.

I forgot to mention that my Dad planted the okra on June 1.  It is comming up slowly.  Haven’t counted but I’d guess they’re over 100 plants.  Plenty to share, pickle, and put in the deep-freezer.

I Pickled 3 more cucumber, squash, onion and garlic mixtures today.  This time I added a few seeded and sliced sweet banana peppers to the mix.  I also made 1 jar of dill pickles.

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