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Kraut In Jars Update

Sunday, 26 June, 2011

In a previous post ) I listed an old recipe for Sauerkraut in Jars from my Great Grandmother;  I’ve an important update for you.

I was discussing this recipe with one of my elderly Home Health clients and she explained to me that the jars they used back when the recipe was written are different from the ones we use now.  She explained that the jars her mother used had aluminum lids with glass inlaid in the underside.  She said that her mother would place a rubber ring on the rim of the jar, filled with kraut, and then place the lid on; leaving it slightly ajar.  Over the next few weeks the Kraut would ferment in the jar releasing the gas from inside and as this progressed her mother would slowly screw the lid down on the jar.  Her mother would keep the Kraut jars on top of newspaper or in large pans incase the jars should leak while fermenting.

All this said I had to take a look-see at mine and discovered that most of the jars that were sealed, when I put them away in the dark cabinet, are now unsealed and fermenting.   I am not sure how to progress from here and will be keeping an eye on the jars.  I’m in hopes that they will reseal themselves when they’re done fermenting.  This is turning into a learning experiment for me and hopefully you all too.

Here is a picture of the jar explained above.  My mother had/has a small collection of these jars with lids.


Canning Kraut and updates

     Hope everyones garden is doing well.  We’ve been busy in ours.  We’ve not had a phone since last Tuesday.  A storm blew through last Monday night and knocked over 6 trees on our mile long road to the county road.  Dad and I are looking forward to lots of fire wood.  I have a dail-up connection back here in the ‘sticks’ so there’s an excuse this time for being so long to post.  Thank-God for the wonderful man from Kansas who his helping out our local AT&T repairmen.
   I’ve spent the past week trying to kill cabbage worms.  As I’ve said before the rains we’ve had have allowed them to settle in.  It is hard to apply a powder deterent when it’s always gonna rain. 

I’ve had to pull up and throw away two now.  I went ahead and pulled three up yesterday and shredded them for Sauerkraut today.  I made 6 quart jars.  I’m using my mothers old Miracle Whip jars she’d saved through the years.  Here’s the recipe I used: (exact wording written by my Mother. A notation to the side says “Grandmothers”.)

Kraut In Jars
Place shredded cabbage in quart jar.  Press down gently.  Add 1 tsp. salt and 1 tsp. sugar.  Fill jar with hot water.  Screw the top down tight.  In a few weeks the kraut is good.

A few NOTES:  Since the recipe doesn’t state how hot the water should be I brought mine to a boil and then dipped the water into the jars and I used “Canning Salt” instead of regular Iodized (NOT FOR CANNING) salt.  I heated my lids in hot water for 5 to 10 mins. before placing them on the jars with the rings.  I’ve learned from several sources to place the cooled jars in a cool dark place till fermented and ready to eat.


With no rain since last week the garden is finally dry enough for Dad to ’till’ it today.  It really needed it.

The potatoes are starting to bloom.  Dad was asking when to dig them up and according to my info from The Garden we’re to wait 2 to 3 weeks after flowering to dig up the potatoes.  If we want late potatoes for storage, we need to wait 2 to 3 weeks after the foliage dies back.