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Kraut In Jars Update

Sunday, 26 June, 2011

In a previous post ) I listed an old recipe for Sauerkraut in Jars from my Great Grandmother;  I’ve an important update for you.

I was discussing this recipe with one of my elderly Home Health clients and she explained to me that the jars they used back when the recipe was written are different from the ones we use now.  She explained that the jars her mother used had aluminum lids with glass inlaid in the underside.  She said that her mother would place a rubber ring on the rim of the jar, filled with kraut, and then place the lid on; leaving it slightly ajar.  Over the next few weeks the Kraut would ferment in the jar releasing the gas from inside and as this progressed her mother would slowly screw the lid down on the jar.  Her mother would keep the Kraut jars on top of newspaper or in large pans incase the jars should leak while fermenting.

All this said I had to take a look-see at mine and discovered that most of the jars that were sealed, when I put them away in the dark cabinet, are now unsealed and fermenting.   I am not sure how to progress from here and will be keeping an eye on the jars.  I’m in hopes that they will reseal themselves when they’re done fermenting.  This is turning into a learning experiment for me and hopefully you all too.

Here is a picture of the jar explained above.  My mother had/has a small collection of these jars with lids.


Cabbage Canning and more

The sun continues to bake my cabbage so I’ve pulled them all up except for a few that the worms are still feasting on.  The red cabbage got a late start and never made any heads.  The worms have chewed on one of them so much it looks like a skelton of it’s orginal self.  I canned what I picked Tuesday on Thursday; got 5 qts. of boiled cabbage. I’ve 7 small heads to can today.

Here’s a picture of some squash, cucumbers, onions, garlic and dill I pickled while I was waiting on the pressure cooker to get done with the boiled  cabbage.

     The green beans are finally putting off and I’ve a few pints to can today.  I picked 11 cucumbers today.  I’ve already pickled 3 jars; looks like we’ll have plenty if they keep growing at this rate.  I counted 8 cantalopes on Dad’s plants this morning.  Made his day when he called this morning; he’s off at a Bluegrass festival for a week.
     I’ve picked a few baby zucchini for a dish I’m making tonight.  The plants are huge and beautiful, but the zucchini and squash are taking their time get large.  It has been so HOT (95 degree days).  I plan on watering them every other day to see if it makes a difference.

Here’s a few “canning boiled cabbage” pictures & “how to”:

Cut the cabbage in half and cut into wedges; removing the core.
Add water, about 2-inches up, in a large pot and add the cabbage.  Bring to a boil; place lid on.  Turn fire down and steam 5 minutes. 
Pack in jars.  Heat lids in a sauce pan of 2″ water.  Place 1 tsp. canning salt in each jar.  Using your “Bubble Freer” or knife,  slide it down into the jars of cabbage along the sides to remove any trapped air; the bubbles will float to the top. Put lids and rings on jars; screwing tight.
Place in pressure cooker with 2 to 3 qts of water.  Place lid on pressure cooker leaving steam toggle open till the water inside comes to a full boil.  Put toggle down and bring pressure up to 10 lbs.  Keep pressure at 10 lbs for 55 minutes for quarts.  You’ll have to adjust the heat every so often.  My mother taught me to never leave a pressure cooker unattended.  After 55 mins. remove pressure cooker from heat.  Leave to cool completely (pressure guage at 0) before opening.  Do Not lift pressure togle till then.
  Remove jars to a towel in a draft free place and wait to hear that popping seal sound. :O)
((Directions adapted from my Kerr Canning Book.))

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