Freezing Fresh Herbs

It’s getting late in the summer and I realized I’ve been ignoring my herb garden.  I do look at it peroidically. :Ol
I am extremely suprised and happy that it is doing well in the location I planted it in.  My hope is that the lavender, sage and rosemary survive the winter and come back next year.   I’ve seen a Rosemary bush that is about 4 ft. tall.  I know that it is at least over 10 years old.  Do I dare dream to have mine get that big?  YES!

I found this great Blog about Freezing your herbs for later use.  Here’s the link:


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  1. Where did you plant them? From what I understand, those herbs are quite hearty. They stand up well to harsh conditions and they don’t really need a lot of coddling.


    • The location I planted them in used to be a pile of junk and greasy junk from the garage; that my Dad had piled there over many years. In the fall of 2009 I cleaned this up, stirred up the soil and added lots of shredded Hickory tree leaves to rot thru the winter. In the sping of 2010 I added some gardening soil; stirring that up with the remaing soil. I planted some zinnias and they proceeded to burn up in the hot sun and they looked a bit weak to begin with. In the winter of 2010 I added more leaves and wood ash from our wood burning stove; stirring that up in the soil. I topped all this off with leaves for the winter. This year after planting the herbs I got the bright idea to use some wood mulch to keep the soil from getting so hot and hold the water longer. As you can see I’ve put alot in to making the bad soil richer. It would be nice to see if all my effort worked.


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