Blessed with rain

Yesterday afternoon the rain started and lasted only about an hour; though it did give the garden a good drink.  Woke up this morning to more rain; not sure how long it rained.  So glad it rained, it’s not rained since late May.

I was lazy yesterday and didn’t can the last of the cabbage till this morning.  I got 4 quarts this time.  I noticed that the first 5 qts. of boiled cabbage I canned looked, to me, a bit over cooked.  This time I didn’t steam it as long in the pan and cut the pressure cooking time down to 45 minutes instead of 55 minutes.  The look of the cabbage in the jars have a marked difference.  The first was slighly dark and this batch is greener.  I may have to cook it some when I open up a jar to use, but I’d rather do that than have mushy cabbage.  Here’s hoping the first five are NOT mushy.
Here’s a picture for comparison.

I forgot to mention that my Dad planted the okra on June 1.  It is comming up slowly.  Haven’t counted but I’d guess they’re over 100 plants.  Plenty to share, pickle, and put in the deep-freezer.

I Pickled 3 more cucumber, squash, onion and garlic mixtures today.  This time I added a few seeded and sliced sweet banana peppers to the mix.  I also made 1 jar of dill pickles.


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