May 11, 2011
Well the garden continues to grow.  Dad tilled it again Friday and fertilized it with 10-20-10.  Yesterday I raked up the dirt around the potatoes for a second time.

Last evening I went out to check the onions and radishes.  Two of the onions are getting seed tops.  I dug gently in the dirt to only find a small onion so I carefully covered it back up.   Dad suggests that I remove some of the dirt that has formed on top of the onions; from the rains washing it there.  He says they need to show barely the tops of the onion itself on the surface of the dirt.


Well, so much for adding Nitrogen to the soil and only getting green tops instead of a radish.  They were sweet on the front of your tongue and hot(ish) on the back.  Yummy in a salad and alone.  We decided to plant more soon.


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