Garden Update

May 23, 2011

 I have to say that my Dad has made the garden look so beautiful.  So far the Bermuda grass has not returned in full force.  I believe the tilling this winter and after planting has helped.  (Thought I’d never say that.)

 With Dad sprinkling the 10-20-10 fertilizer around every week the garden is growing big.  The cabbage plants are making heads and I’ve clipped lower leaves off all of them 3 different times now.  It’s amazing to see them make cabbage heads.  One of my Home Health clients has told me her sister (who always had a beautiful garden) would take the large leaves of the cabbage plants and clothes pin them over the head to keep the sun from scorching it.  I’ve done that to about 4 but I’m concerned that the leaves tightly covering the head will keep it from getting larger or deform it.

 The rain has returned the past two days and Dad is itching to till the rows.  The purple hull peas he replanted are coming along great and he is anxious for his tomatoes to get bigger.  They are about 3 feet tall right now and have blooms on them.  He planted more radishes about 4 days ago and some carrots; right were my okra was supposed to go.  Glad there’s still a two row patch above the squash were I can plant it.  I did want a larger area since I want to have enough to share.  Think I’ll try to squeeze in another row somewhere else; who knows. :O)

The cucumbers, squash, cantaloupes, watermelon, and tomatoes have bright yellow flowers on them.  There is a squash on one of the plants.

I cut some of my leaf lettuce yesterday and we had it for supper mixed with some bag salad.  I don’t think that it would have survived with out Dad fertilizing it.  There are only a few romaine plants that survived and they are only 4-inches tall right now.  (Fingers crossed)  

7:00p.m.   Just went out to check on the garden.  I spotted one of the cabbage plants with a worm hole in it.  It had drilled into the center of the core and ate it up.  I pulled the plant up; roots and all.  Disposed of it in the woods away from the garden.  That’s one down.  Forty-three left.


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