Productive Day

A wonderful productive day in the garden. 
* Raked dirt up around the potato plants, cabbage, sweet banana peppers, and squash.
Cabbage, Green Beans and corn* Trimmed the lower leaves off the cabbage. (A man Dad knows told him that cutting the lower leaves off the cabbage plants helped them concentrate on making heads; instead of feeding the needless lower leaves.)
* Planted marigolds beside every other tomato plant.  (Helps keep the worms away.)Dad tilling the green beans
* Dad tilled the whole garden with the rotatiller.

   You probably noticed, in the pictures, the white plastic circles around the plants.  My Dad takes a pickle bucket and cuts the bottom out and then cuts them in half.  We use these halves to place around some of the plants to help catch and contain water.  These work really well.  One day last week, after a heavy rain, I went up to check the garden and Dad’s cantaloupe circles were filled with water; covering the plants.  Yeah, they work really well. :O)
Potatoes, Onions, Cucumbers
  The rains had done quite a job on moving the sandy dirt around in the garden.  Tilling it made all the beans, corn and purple hull peas really stand out. They’re just coming up and were hard to see next to the light colored sandy soil.  They are all growing well, which surprises me because of all the rain.  It is due to rain again today and again tomorrow and Monday.  I’m loving the cool weather,  but I’m missing the sunshine.
   Poison ivy and poison oak are growing here and there around the edge of the garden and near the house; whenever the sun comes out long enough I’ll be spraying it with Round Up.

Here is the scoot along I promised to show you a picture of.

Okay, so I am a procrastinator.  Today I finally planted the herbs in the small area I originally created for full-sun flowers only.   The rosemary and Lavender I bought weeks ago are still alive and growing.  Along with these two I’ve bought sweet basil, Greek oregano and sage.  I know that traditionally a herb garden is supposed to be by your back door, but there is no place for a full-sun garden there.  Mine is down by the garage which is about 100 ft or so down a slight hill.  One thing I like about it being there is when I go to work and come home it is right there to greet me.  I look forward to the smells it will produce, especially the lavender and rosemary.  I also planted some profusion zinnias along the rock edge (front center) which haven’t come up yet.  The pink tall zinnias I had in there last year may come back.  I’ve been pulling up little green sprouts of Wandering Jew and such in preparation of planting the herbs, so who knows I may have pulled then up.

Here’s a view:

Always remember you can click on any picture to see the full size view.


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