Garden Re-vamp and new plantings

Well, as a well laid plans go, the garden layout has changed somewhat.  (Picture to come.)

Yesterday and today was transplanting day in the garden.  My father bought watermelon, cantalope,  Arkansas Traveler tomato plants and 10 thornle ss Blackberry plants.  He went up to Mountianburg,  AR to order the blackberry plants Wed. and picked them up Thurs.; ‘course he immediately put them in the ground.  He planted the tomato and cantalope plants yesterday.
Today he planted his watermelon. See picture below.

I spent 88 cents for a 4 pack of each; cucumber, yellow squash, and zucchini at a local market.  The plants look great and I’ve high hopes that they will survive as compared to the higher priced ones at the Farmers Co-op.   I always love it when their are 2 plants, in two or more, of each little pot in your 4 pack.  If they look healthy enough I will split the roots apart and get two plants instead of planting them together.  These I put in the ground today.  OH MY was the sun HOT this morning!!

The potatoes are finally comming up.  The  onions and cabbage look great.  Since this is mine and my fathers first time with cabbage I’m not sure when they’ll start making heads.  I await with anticipation.

One major bummer today is that my father while fertilizing the garden yesterday, sprinkled some on my radishes.  (Remember I mentioned no nitrogen fertilizer or all you’ll get is pretty tops.)  Oh well, this is what happens when two people are doing one thing.  *Deep breath and… smile.

Oh I’ve another animal replent recipe for you.
Squirrel Beater Tonic
2 Tbsp. Caynne Pepper
2 Tbsp. Tabasco Sauce
2 Tbsp. Chili Powder
1 Tbsp. Murphy’s Oil Soap
1 qt. of warm water
Mix all together.  Spray on plants or trees.

I’ll be trying this on the tomatoes if the squirrels should get hungry.

Tomorrow I’m planting my herbs in my herb garden.  I’ve got Lavender, Rosemary and Oregano so far.   Last year I got some Profusion Zinnna seeds (Pink) from some plants and I’ll be using them as a front border in the herb garden; will post picture soon.

Meanwhile in my flower garden…


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