Nothing much to post lately.  The cabbage and all continue to grow.  The radish seeds came up last week.  It’s been raining most everyday last week and tonight it looks like rain again.  We had temps in the 70’s and 80’s all weekend.  The temps are supposed to go down to the 60’s tomorrow with 30’s at night.

I’m continuing to wait for the time to plant above ground crops. (best days 11 & 12 this month).  The seeds for the green beans (Blue Lake) and the tomato plants (AR Travelers) have been purchased.   

My father jumped ahead and planted some watermelon plants, week before last and they are all dead.  He had a touch of gardening fever and well, “Just because the stores are selling certain plants now doesn’t mean it’s the correct time to plant them”.   Wait till the weather warms.  I think they died because we had a touch of a frost last week.

Well, the waiting continues…


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