Root Crop Planting Day

March 20, 2011

    Well there’s almost 100 onion sets in the ground now. (Haven’t counted.)  The potatoes are planted (50 or so) and I planted a tiny row of red Cherry Belle radishes.  I’m concerned about space in the garden; even though it’s large.  I used my father’s hand push plow to make the rows.  Thank goodness for fluffy sandy soil.  My Dad used the tractor and disked the garden yesterday and then he put the “blade” on and smoothed the dirt.  He tried to get the rotatiller to start Friday and didn’t have any luck.  He told me he’d try again this week.
   We’ve a large pear tree in the upper garden which is in full of bloom.  We went up to look at it and the honey bees are all over it. It is good to see bees.  I’ve not see many in the past few years.   
   My Dad and I also cut down the old canes from the tame blackberry row.  There are quite a few less plants this year, but we should get enough for us.  The berries are so big and beautiful, yet the seeds inside are huge.  Last year I cooked 2 quarts till soft and pushed them through a cheese cloth; to get the juice.  I made VERY sour blackberry jelly.   

HINT:  One garden tool I couldn’t live without is my medal yard (leaf) rake I use it to push the dirt up against the plants, to cover the seed rows, rake up dead Bermuda grass stems, and more.  It is wider than a hoe and covers more area quicker.

   I don’t think I’ve mentioned the Bermuda grass that’s in the garden.  Over 5 yrs ago my father disked a bale of hay in the garden thinking it would enrich the soil.  Wrong!  It was a bale of Bermuda grass and it went to root and now we’ve been battling to get rid of it.  I researched on the internet and found a solution:  In the fall cover the ground with newspaper, then plastic and cover with dirt.  Allow this to sit there until planting time in the spring.  This is supposed to smother the grass and kill it.  My Dad opted to disk the garden several times this winter instead to try and kill it.  Oh, perhaps it worked and perhaps I’ll have to try the newspaper and plastic later this year.  Needless to say, if you read me b_t_hing about the grass later you’ll know why.


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