Garden Map and Update

March 18, 2011

   The cabbage continues to look good.  I’ve been keeping the Cabbage Worm Dust on them and nothing has chewed on them so far.  It rained Monday night and they really perked up.  I don’t think anything compares to rain water for your garden.
   A HomeHealth Client shared with me a way to keep rabbits out of the garden; used catlitter.  She said to sprinkle it along the edge of the garden and it would deter the rabbits.  I have a cat so I plan on putting the catlitter along the left edge of the garden along a fence row.

   Looking forward to planting some root crops on Sunday.  :O)

   I’ve drawn a map of what goes where in the garden so my Dad can remember where it goes.  Hopefully he’ll refer to it so he won’t till up any of my seeds; like he did a few years back. :O|


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