Deer and Rabbit Repellant

March 13, 2011
   I was reading a 1991 issue of Flower and Garden magazine and found a tip on a deer and rabbit repllent. 
“Throughly mix two raw eggs and a cup or two of cold water in a high-speed blender.  Mix the result with a gallon of cold water in your garden sprayer.  These animals will not touch anything you have sprayed with this mixture.”
“The egg mixture does not wash off the foliage very easily so it may only be necessary to spray two or three times during the season.  The spray is only effective in repelling purely vegetarian animals.”  This tip was from Leon Dominick of Eden Prarie, MN.
   I’m a bit uneasy about using this; wondering about the smell and if it will wash off the vegetables so you can eat them.  I may try this on my lettuce just once and see how it goes.  Will mention it again after the lettuce is planted.


Words of wisdom from my Dad:
“You have to pay attention to a garden everyday.  You can’t just plant and leave it alone if you want it to grow right.”


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