Cabbage Cabbage and More Cabbage

March 12, 2011

   Well, my Dad and I planted the cabbage today.  Twenty-two in each row.  40 Early Jersey Wakefield (Green) and 4 Red Cabbage.  I mixed up the afore mentioned cabbage worm dust and sprinkled it on the plants.  We’re hoping that it will keep not only the worms away, but anything else.  I think my Dad is as worried about something getting them as I am.  He mentioned putting up a light in the garden to scare away the deer.  I’ve not had any problem from the deer these past 4 yrs so I don’t expect to now.
   The recipe:
For Cabbage Worms
1 qt. wood ashes
1 qt. flour
1 c. fine salt
Mix altogether and dust plants.

   I used the wood ashes from the bottom of our woodbox, all-purpose flour, then I took Kosher Salt and whirled it around in my mini food chopper till it became almost powder-like.

Here’s a picture of the cabbage in the garden; you’ll notice the white dust on them. 


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