Sprouts Sprouts Everywhere

March 10, 2011

   The Brussels Sprouts have sprouted.  Surprised again!  Package says Germination 7 – 14 days.  The little suckers sprouted up 1 1/2-inches over night.
   The Lettuce sprouts are 1 1/2-icnhes tall too.  The little stems are white with green tops.  I uncovered the tray and put them next to a partial sun window.
   The spinach is starting to sprout up a few today, but not all the pots.  Germination on the spinach is 8 – 10 days.
   Let’s take stock here…it’s been 3 days for the lettuce and 5 days in the dirt for the Brussels Sprouts.  OK.
   Today I hoed up a little flower bed I have next to the garage to aerate the soil.  Last year I planted zinnias in it; this year I’m considering putting an herb garden there. It is a VERY sunny spot.  Last year it dried out quickly so this year I’m going to get some mulch to put around what I plant there.  Hoping it will help keep the soil from drying out so fast.  I’d like to put the herb garden in the corner of the main garden but it would make it harder to till the garden with the tractor.  I don’t think my Dad would appreciate having a blocked off herb garden in his way.  I need to do some research to see when it’s a good time to plant herbs.  I know that the garden centers have herbs for sale right now; but they also have just about everything else.  It’s too early to plant the largest part of the garden.  My Dad and I know that it will frost again, as it always does, and to wait till mid-May.  I’ve heard too many people, every year, bemoan about losing their garden because they got gardening fever and planted too soon.  It’s a “timing thing”.
   Dad has told me that the Farmers Co-op has some great looking plants now and he mentioned Cabbage more than once.  Is that a hint?  Depending on my money situation, after bills tomorrow, I may go by and see what might catch my eye.  This early garden is total experimentation for me since I’ve not planted a cold crop before and if I buy cabbage it’ll be my first time to grow it too.  I’ve got a piece of paper that was attached to the bedroom wall of my Grandmothers house that gives a recipe for killing cabbage worms.  I might just have to buy some so I can see if it works; not that I want worms on my cabbage.  NO NO NO
   Saturday is a good day to plant ‘Above ground’ crops.  I’m looking forward to finding something to stick in the ground.


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