and so it begins

March 5, 2011

Welcome to my gardening blog for the 2011 season.  This year I’m planning a large garden and I have a rather large garden spot to do it. 

It’s important to tell you that my father will be a large part of this gardening project.   He has been my mentor the past few years and a LARGE help in preparing the soil.  I can’t drive a tractor so he does all the tilling.  
My gardening and canning information comes from a few sources: my father, my Home Heath clients, the Farmers Co-op calendar,, National Gardening Association (, and  I love the WWW; it is a giant encyclopedia.
   Planted Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, Leaf Lettuce and Romaine Lettuce in peat pot trays today.
72 lettuce (36 each)
12 Brussels Sprouts
60 Spinach
  Thought I’d try starting the plants inside instead of the garden just to see how they’d do.  These are cold weather plants and they should do well here.  The weather is going from 30 to 70 degrees just about every other day or so.  AR weather is just “wait and see weather”.

   I was hoping to put some carrots in the ground but I’ll have to wait till the 20th to do that.  I’ll also be planting potatoes, radishes, carrots, onions and who knows what else.


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